eight of February 2012

Artists Night


Green neon light

Shining through window slight

While alarm slowly annoys

People raise voice

The red haired next to me

Has a beer I see

This golden liquor

Like wine but vanishes quicker

Evening working late

Art and space we rate

Date and numbers wrong

Techno makes a good song

Cigarette buds around

Mixed with empty cans on ground

Some sneak away

To get some more for the ashtray

Hope they come back we pray

Others working on a sign gray

Subtitles it does say

We want art if we may

Only the one with the hat

Has money he said

We will be glad

If we don’t go mad

What is insecurity

If we never reach maturity

All sitting on floor

Splattered with paint gore

Thinking just thinking

Just let perfection sink in

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