It was strange as we did see the old stargazer gazing through behind the few clouds that where hovering above us. He lived only in the nights where the constellations were to be seen. He lived as his consciousness was projected through behind this veil of the ozone layer. We saw, in the dim light of the stars, him closing his one eye with a smile as he gently put his other eye against the telescope. His eye seeped through his device and he saw through the atmosphere and his eye seeped through to his heavens.

It was even stranger to know how the stars he saw and the stars and planets he had seen came together in the space of his head. The universe copied itself in his brain and consciousness and the lines of the constellations moved through the lines of his cranial nerves. He vanished in his own gazing.

It was in the past where he had measured the distances between his favorite stars where he saw them and where he knew them to be. He had calculated the distance the light had traveled before it reached his eyes. He had also even guessed if the stars he saw had already died.

It was not strange for him now how he had overcome these distances, his calculations and the hope for the existence of those lights and planets. He had overcome them and he found himself in the reality of space and it was not strange for him how he ceased to exist here and moved to there.

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