No material difference, Graduation show

June/July 2017, Club Solo, Breda


Never Settled, 7 persons group exhibition

April/May 2017, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch


Master Fine Arts, Group exhibition

February 2017, Breda


The only rule is work

Master Fine Arts, exhibition abroad

March 2016, Glasgow


Artroute Heernveen,

September 2015 ,


Artroute Lochem,

April 2015,

Oude gemeentehuis markt 3, Lochem

Inspired by the spring of nature, presented beside other amazing artists like Anne van Stormbroek and Aebele Trijsburg, we present an escape from the everydayness.


The next generation

November 2014

Gallery Bas, Sneek


Greetsieler Woche

August 2014

Ubbo-Emmius-Schule, Greetsiel, Germany



July - September 2013

Galery Bas, Sneek


Finalexam Exhibition Minerva

July 2013

Minerva, Groningen



March 2013



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

June 2012

Minerva, Groningen 



June 2012

Galery Pit, Groningen


More Doors

May 2012

Galery Pit, Groningen



February 2012

Den Haag


News From Nowhere

June 2011

Royal William Yard, Plymouth



Docent Beeldende Kunst Verkortedeeltijd - Fontys
Started 2018
Tilburg - The Netherlands

Master Fine Arts - St. Joost

Graduated 2017

Den Bosch and Breda - The Netherlands

Autonome Beeldende Kunst Ba - Minerva 

Graduated in 2013

Groningen - The Netherlands

Fine Arts Ba - University of Plymouth

Exchange in 2011

Plymouth - England



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