In a random order

At the death/life border

The last breath

Becomes the living death

In their dreams

The living past gleams

These sleeping sailors

Or weeping wailers

Their shadows are cast

Becoming images from the past

Those who can see

With their eyes closed

Are filled with glee

Heavenly dosed

Charon man of old

Brings those bold

Their crossing sold

With tooth breaking gold

Hear how their journey unfold

To cross this river wide

The dead have to endure the ride

The hooded figure brings

While he mournfully sings

Across the river black

Only he is to turn back

While the passengers lie

Truth ignores their cry

Damned by their action

If it was just a small fraction

Faith will decide

Separate the bad

The dead will endure this ride

And at the gate all be mad

See the eerie ship sets sail

Bones of pail

Follow the trail

To the unholy grail

All Hail

Upwards leaving the meadow

They are spun in shadow

The foul smell of moldy wood

Can’t vanquish fragrant good

From blood poppies’ odor

It remembers those of lost amour

Trees look pail and despair

Leafless and bare

Mankind carries cold harts

With the more gruesome parts

How faith cruelly tosses

People in a shady death end

Reminded of terrible losses

And sins on which they did depend

The rich and  powerful became the fool

Pride made them being a tool

Dreamers can just drool

While they played being cool

But they shiver seeing themselves as ghoul

See in your mind

What fog did unwind

Wrecked signs make it clear

The meaning of ‘here’

Deathly darkness an abandoned place

That what the passengers will face

The color yellow

Vertigo turns mind mellow

Filling thoughts with despair

Almost endlessly towards dark lair

Death Valley we remember

Here no time will pass

Here won’t be snow in December

Nor the sight of green grass

Died in faraway land

Unclosed eyes untouched by friendly hand

Time is the cursed sand

Dead will only grand

The last notes of hell’s band

Ancestors mournfully creep

Low below the dark deep

Supporting twisted pillars

Followed by drowned eyes of killers

Columns made of carved stones

Carved by million finger bones

Skeletons have lost their purpose

Skulls are floating towards the surface

And are looking lovingly dear

Up at their body the bone chandelier

From above sleepers see

Where they will go down

By fall they flee

Sinners won’t drown

From down below they face

Massive pillars unable to fill space

Marble carved with marvelous grace

At the bone chandelier they gaze

Slowly it has never been a race

Slowly their journey goes

While they escaped the cave of hollow echoes

Where roof holes link

The past and present with sky pink

Greeted by waving lush fields

Tempting that what Death wields

In moving reflection

There exists a connection

Between sky and river

Both a pink quiver

Faith is something they lack

No hope for escaping

The spirit of the pink Cadillac

Tribute to the death of the King

Elvis they remember by

The place where you lay

Passengers bound by a blood tie

When they say goodbye

They silently cry

The sky feels belligerent

While clouds float ignorant

A constant foreboding of rain

Could make mind insane

Electricity always in toil

Thunder always willing to broil

To deep-fry the passenger

Hear Charon the messenger

He was about to say

You have another way

Don’t know which psyche road

No one left us a clue

But should have gone on another boat

I guess that was something we knew

Mind erased by morning dew

Everything is old nothing new

Only heaven stays truly blue

And somehow we always knew

None of this was ever true

It is light this night

They welcome a beautiful sight

Where stars are in clear view

The future of all stars knew

When they look down from above

Judging those who never have enough

And they find them being to light

They want to punish them with all their might

With their solar power

They send a blissful meteor shower

The passengers can feel

That they will be guests

The apocalypse is real

Where they put their tranquility to rest

They never had a choice

To be covered in comatose

And they became unaware close

Passengers painfully froze

In a sleeping pose

The ending becomes clear

The reddening sky draws near

The earth is no good

Soaked in evil blood

A rime of old

By Dante told

Behind dancing guardian’s back

The words appear black

A last request

For those who won’t rest

“Let go all hope

Those who enter here”

Tramp or pope

All will tremble and fear

This gate of psychedelic frame

Above reflection same

Wild river untame

The black glittering fame

With its aesthetic name:


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