In my art I wish to reveal the timeless and overwhelming features of nature. Timelessness is for me expressed by putting a lot of time into working on an artwork. The time spend on an artwork is also spend to make the work grow. It takes time to give the work my feelings of astonishment. The time I spend in putting details and making the artwork larger in size, is what provides the work with the idea of a world where the mind can wander about. While inside an image of imagination is to wander and to dream of another world where it seems that time doesn’t exist. When I am drawing I want a feeling of being lost because I want the escape from the present-day. I spend more time to make this world exist and to give this world shape, because I long for making my own world without the feeling of time.

My art comes from my astonishment of the creation. I wonder about the magnificence and splendor of nature, which can be frightening because of her force. This makes me yearn for the unattainable Sublime. I wish to know what I do not and this longing I want to express in my artworks. Desire is like a search where I wander astray. My artworks are for me this exploration so I can understand this world of astonishment.


The idea of how I want to make my work is the beginning that grows on the surface of the paper. My pencil which I move over the paper forms flowing lines. My mind leads the pencil over the paper giving shape to my ideas. The ending of the drawing is unknown when I start. To work on my drawings is for me a journey to this unknown ending of my drawings.

The techniques which I use are coming forth from my desire of getting lost. The pencil lines which I place on the paper must for me contribute to my idea to make a world where spectators can lose themselves in. The lines have to be placed with concentration and harmonic on the paper to enhance the idea of it being a world on its own. I want to give my works more life because I want to create a world on its own where the viewers’ mind can get lost in. I use techniques like rhythm and repetition to give movement to the works and such to let the artworks being more alive.

I hope that the spectator’s eyes can wander over the detail and place themselves outside this present-day life. They can escape from the present-day by finding a place of rest in my own art world where there is timelessness. My wish is that people can be amazed like I am amazed about nature and life.

Natural movement

A lot of our time we spend movind from one place to another. Not only in mind, but also in reality. I feel good when I walk, run and dance. I like slowness and fastness, and wish to share movement, because it is good to the soul. My research about growth of plants and the movement of animals relates to the research about my own bodily awareness.


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