Season Reflection’s

It’s where I walk

Turns to what I see

First time to talk

Of what I make it be

My temper is cold

The frosty wind glides

Lifting snow of old

And the mystic sun hides

During this night

One solemn flower twitches

A forlorn fight

In a world of errors and glitches

I lifted my eyes

And looked ahead

There was a surprise

Life in a world dead

The little blossom blooms

More pop up to line

Towards where the grayness glooms

But vanishes in sunshine

The icy snow did melt

Flowing like rivers

Smell of flowers it did held

Light on surface shivers

Following fresh fragrance trail

I witnessed from here

A mystic figure frail

Coming floating near

It’s opening cherry rosy lips

Telling me to go along

It’s voice lovingly grips

With a song surprisingly strong

The blushing specter brings

Daisies, poppies and daffodils

All the birds rings and sings

About flowing green of grassy hills

Warming my blue fingertips

With a sudden gaze

Towards eyes like an eclipse

Into the earth vanishes your face

Facing the warming sky

Laying down my back

Surrounded by waving rye

As I follow track

I notice that a raindrop splashes

On bare feet

Coldness and warmness clashes

Bringing a beginning to summer’s heat

Gold gleam reddens illogical

Grassy green withers

Seasons shift chronological

A leaf shivers

Unhurried it travels

Towards luring path

Time unravels

The wind’s wrath

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