Dementia Whiteness


Whiteness of everlasting

White wind is blowing and blasting

Away footprints of neverlasting.

Towards indifference I flee

In the snowflake sea.

There is no difference to me.

Focusing at my feet

In misty fog they meet

My eyes and my wary feet

On and on and on

Feet walk along

Towards the gone

Nothingness is a maze

A cloudy misty haze

Nothingness is the name of his face

Following the greenless land

His empty white hand

Is spilling time's sand

I left the beaches

Where air smells like peaches

Where my mind steadily bleaches.

Something always will hide

The someone at my side.

My mind slips and glide

Leaving an empty memory hole

And filling it whole

With the thought of nothingness in my soul.

White scribbling in white

In-between the sky writes the kite

Still nothing is in sight

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